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New Earth Custodians provide cutting edge solutions incorporating Eco, Sci - Tech methodologies in tackling poaching and the illicit wildlife trafficking industry.

NEC has recently teamed up with the Wildlife Forensics Academy in tackling wildlife crime. They utilize sophisticated satellite tracking and radio frequency detection in combination with the latest AI technology to pre-empt wildlife crime as well as to preserve and protect all wildlife & their natural ecosystems.

NEC is focusing on the utilisation of drone and robotic technology to protect endangered species in wildlife sanctuaries and marine ecosystems.

NEC and The Wildlife Forensics Academy are working together with Interpol in tackling organized criminal syndicates directly connected with wildlife trafficking and poaching. This technology will enable them to prosecute wildlife violators as well as to pre-empt wildlife trafficking and poaching. 

What an absolute honour and a privilege to be working with this amazing NGO. Jukan Clothing SA will be creating a huge variety of products for NEC in order to assist in raising funds to keep fighting against wildlife crime in every possible way. 

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